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H.O. Wiles, an ARMOR partner headquartered in New Zealand, put the ARMOR name and product line “on the map” with a show-stopping custom booth at two distinctly different tradeshows in... Read more

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Name: Jennifer Dawson Job Title:  Inside Sales Consultant Family Details: “I’ve been married to my husband, Matt, for 4 years, but we’ve been together for 13 years. We have a... Read more

Jennifer Dawson


The Armor Protective Packaging® YouTube series “Arrusted Development:  2 Guys, 2 Minutes, Talk Rust” is a testament to the philosophy that learning can be fun.  Admittedly, the team at ARMOR... Read more

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As a company, Armor Protective Packaging® is working hard to manufacture rust prevention packaging that is clean, safe and easy and just as hard to be an outstanding steward to... Read more

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For companies who deal with metal and metal parts, rust can leave a path of destruction without warning.  From delays in production, to assembly line shut downs, to increased scrap... Read more

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Armor Protective Packaging® has captured many of the lessons learned in its 40+ years of experience in eradicating rust and is bringing them to the classroom – the virtual classroom... Read more

ARMOR People


The team at ARMOR recognizes that rust prevention is serious business.  But, we also realize that you can have fun while executing the duties and responsibilities of the job as... Read more

Awards and Recognition


Armor Protective Packaging® sent confectionary congratulations to its long-time partner Parautos in celebration of the company’s milestone -- 21 years in business.   ARMOR had a very unique cake made... Read more

Sentinel Newsletter


Despite the pranks and mischievousness typically observed on April Fool’s Day, this year -- April 1, 2022 -- the United Kingdom was “all business” as its new Plastic Packaging Tax ... Read more

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Shipping overseas allows your metal/metal parts to reach new markets and expand your business. However, keeping metal parts clean and rust-free during transport can present a number of obstacles. Damage... Read more

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