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We recorded our webinar “Off Brand VCI: Save Now But Pay Later and it is available now!

Lend us an ear and you’ll learn:

  • The Nuts and Bolts of VCI

  • Buyer Beware: Our Top 10 on Why it ‘Pays’ to Know Where Your VCI Comes From

  • An Expose on the “Real” Cost of Rust – The Truth You Can’t Afford to Ignore


We created a summary of the information presented in our webinar “Off Brand VCI: Save Now But Pay Later” and it is available for download at the button below.


We took the concepts of ease and convenience perfected by Amazon Prime® and Little Caesars® HOT-N-READY® and applied them to the world of “VCI Packaging” and the result is ARMOR Stock & Ready.

Stock & Ready offers access to the largest in-stock inventory of rust prevention packaging and rust removal liquids with the added benefit of simple ordering, no order minimums, quick turnaround and fast shipping. It’s easy — any item on the Stock & Ready product list is just that—it is in stock and ready-to-ship.


If you have customers that work with metal and/or metal parts then you have an opportunity to increase your business (and your value to them) with ARMOR’s rust prevention/rust removal products. Tell us more by completing the form below.